Patient Portal

The Gemini patient portal is a robust and comprehensive tool perfect for engaging patients and keeping offices running smoothly. As healthcare providers, you understand the importance of streamlining communication to get the most out of every encounter. Empower your patients by providing them with the tools necessary to take charge of their care. Boost productivity in the office and improve workflow with an integrated, user-friendly interface that allows secure access to patient information. Direct messaging, appointment schedules, and viewing lab results are just a handful of features offered in this essential tool.

Communicating Securely

Protect the integrity of your practice and the privacy of your patients against security threats with:

  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Secure debit/credit/PayPal payments
  • Direct Messaging

Enabling your Patients

Give patients control of their healthcare by placing your expertise at their fingertips. With the portal, they can:

  • Schedule/reschedule appointments and view availability
  • Receive appointment reminders and alerts from your office
  • Access personal medical records
  • View current medications, lab results, diagnoses, and more
  • Read additional information related to a diagnosis
  • Update health and insurance information
  • Order prescription refills

Empowering your Practice

Strengthen your practice’s workflow by driving traffic to a secure, comprehensive patient portal, thus making it possible to:

  • Achieve Meaningful Use
  • Increase productivity
  • Save time, money, and resources